SAILFLO Automatic bilge pump advantages

A submersible bilge pump increases safety and comfort onboard. SAILFLO submersible automatic bilges pumps can handle most bilge pumping situations that can occur and are extremely economical with electrical power.
The whole range of SAILFLO bilge pumps has been improved. The pumps have many advantages, including:
– Simpler to dismantle for ease of cleaning. In three easy actions without the use of tools you can remove the pump unit to clean the inside of the pump housing.
– Extremely economical with electrical power in relation to pump capacity.
– Improved water-cooled motor. Bilge water circulates around the pump before being pumped out.
– Versatile bracket for mounting on stringer or transom.
– Spark protected, they can be installed in petrol engine compartments.
 They can be combined with an electronic float switch which automatically starts the pump when there is water in the bilge. When the boat has been pumped dry the sensor automatically switches the pump off. We also offer a range of pumps (Combi-pumps), supplied with an electronic float-switch as standard.