Bilge Pump Float Switch

The float switch is good for yachtsmen, commercial fisherman & boat builders all over the world.For use with pumps drawing up to 20 amps,Sailflo float switches are designed for use with fresh water and salt water only.

  • Suitable for 12V/24V bilge pumps, with a maximum of 20 Amps
  • Designed to automatically activate your bilge pump when water is present
  • Turns pump on when water level reaches 2″(51mm)
  • Turns pump off when water level reaches 3/4″(19mm)
  • Non-mercury, environmentally friendly switch
  • Ignition protection
  • Heavy duty nylon housing
  • Water/moisture tight seals
  • Rustproof and corrosion resistant
  • Removable snap-on base for easy fitting, servicing and cleaning
  • Silent and vibration-less operation 
  • NOT to be used with AC voltage applications

Model Max Amps(12V) Max Amps(24V) Wire Lead(m) Wire Gauge size N.W/G.W
HYBS-20-01 20.0A 10.0A 3.0 18AWG 0.16/0.18kgs


Key Description
1 Switch Housing,Top
2 Switch Housing,Bottom
3 Switch Cover, Left
4 Wire Buckle
5 Switch Assembly
6 Swing Bracket
Key Description
7 Seal cover
8 Seal
9 Switch Cover, Right
10 Iron Gasket
11 Baste Plate

                                Shipping Information 

Unit  Weight:  

Unit Size: 13.5*19*8cm  
Master Carton Qty:     48pcs
Master Carton Size: 54*42*31CM   
Master Carton Weight:   12.0kgs

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