DC RO Booster Reverse Osmosis System For Water Purification

Compliant with ROSH & CE certification;

The pump can be with self-priming ability.

The wet parts complies food grade requirements;

The pressurecontaining member adopts high strength plastic and metal materials;

Equipped with high power DC motor with low noise, low vibration;

Totally inspection control in production process for electrical, sealing and water system;

Top quality motor, can work continuously for 3–4 hours, longer lifetime

Application: Reverse Osmosis Pure Water System, RO Water Purifier

saiflo RO Booter  pump

Technical data :                                                                                                                               

Model: HY-RO-50GPD     HY-RO-75GPD  HY-RO-300GPD HY-RO-400GPD HY-RO-500GPD HY-RO-800GPD
Volt 24V dc 24V dc 24V dc 24V dc 24V dc 24V dc
Inlet water Pressure  0PSI 0psi 30psi 30psi 30psi 30psi
Working Pressure  100PSI 70psi 70psi 80psi 90psi 100psi
Working flow rate  ≥0.8l/min ≥0.75l/min ≥2.0l/min ≥2.4l/min ≥2.6l/min ≥4.4l/min
working current  ≤1.6A ≤1.4A ≤2.5A ≤2.5A ≤3.0A ≤6.0A
Max Pressure  170psi±10% 140psi±10% 140psi±10% 140psi±10% 130psi±10% 200psi±10%
Max current  ≤2.0A ≤2.0A ≤3.5A ≤3.5A ≤3.8A ≤9.0A

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