food grade micro diaphragm water pump

The pump head material can reach the food grade completely. The pump with a pressure switch. It will be automatically cut off the power supply and the motor stops running when the water outlet is turned off. Once the water outlet is turned on, the motor starts running again. this pump it is a good choice for the drinking water, water treatment, RO machine , beer and wine machine etc.

food grade

Items Food Grade Micro Diaphragm water pump
 Volt  12V DC
Speed   3200PRM
 Max pressure  75psi
 Max flow rate  4.0LPM 
 Duty Cycle   Intermittent
 Custom  Yes
Application  Drinking water treatment, Medical treatment

Items Volt Power Max Pressure Max Flow rate Amps Suction ability  Lift Control Type
HY3865 12v dc 30W 4.0bar(58psi) 2.0LPM 2.5A 1.2M 40M Pressure Switch/Bypass
HY4451 12V dc  60W 5.0bar(75psi) 4.0LPM  3.5A 1.5M 50M Pressure Switch/Bypass