200psi sprayer disinfecting misting system

This system it is mainly for the alcohol disinfecting system, mist cooling system and the garden sprayer irrigation.

This system includes 24V RO pumps (very quite noise), 10 pcs nozzles. Body sensor, AC/DC adapter,filter,hose etc.

1.Misting pump HY-RO-3440/HY-RO-3420

Working pressure:200psi
Flow Rate at 200psi:≥0.35LPM
Current at 200psi:≤3A@12V,  ≤1.5A@24V
Pressure bypass:320psi±10psi
Current bypass: ≤4A@12v, ≤2A@24V

115-240VAc–12v @5A 
115-240VAc–24v @3A 

3.Nozzle: 10pcs nozzle size: 0.2mm  80~145cc/min with T connector 

4.Hose size: 1/4”;Lenght:10M
color: black 

5.Body sensor
Work volt :5-24V
Max Amps:6A
working temperature:-20℃~40℃
delayed time:15 seconds
sensor distance  :3-5m
sensor angle :120°

6.Filter :120mesh

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