Automatic Variable Speed Motor Driven Pump

Controls pressure by changing motor speed,Operate on 12v dc or 24v dc automatically Perfect for caravans, boats, motorbikes, trucks, camping and agricultural industry liquid transportation. Use it with fresh or salt water with your deck wash or to run your toilet or shower. These pumps automatically turn themselves on and off when you turn the tap on and off. Comes with filter and fittings.These pumps are for intermittent use only.

Type: 4 Chamber Diaphragm with Variable speed motor
Port Size:  3/4”(19mm) Quick  attach 
Liquid:  140°F [60 °C] Max   
Self-priming:  6 feet [about 2M]
Max pressure  40psi(2.76bar);can be adjust to 60psi.
Run Dry:  Yes (within 30 second)
Motor:  Permanent Magnet, Intermittent
Duty Protection:  Thermal Overload, Automatic Restart
Volts:  12/24V automatic 
Standard Connector:

1pc 3/4” Male Thread, 1pc 1/2” hose barb,
1pc 1/2” hose barb filter

Approved Certificate:

CE and RoHS


Model Volt Flow rate(LPM/GPM)) Pressure(PSI/BAR) Valve  Amp Draw(A)
FL-35 12Vdc 12.5(3.29) 35(2.41) EPDM/VITON 8.0
FL-40 12Vdc 17.0(4.47) 40(2.76) EPDM/VITON 12.0

Detailed Composition

Key Description 
1 Upper Housing with Clips
2 Check Vlave Assembly 
3 Diaphragm Assembly(including screws)
4 Lower Housing Assembly 
Key  Description 
5 Motors
6 Connectors
7 Pump Head Assembly 
8 Side Clips 

                                Shipping Information 

Unit  Weight: 

Unit Size: 26*12.5*10.5CM
Master Carton Qty: 10pcs
Master Carton Size: 63*29*22.5CM     
Master Carton Weight:   28kgs