1100GPH Automatic Bilge Pump

automatic bilge pump
Automatic bilge pumps with Built-in switch. Removal of the motor cartridge allows for easy cleaning of the strainer and impeller in the event that the pump becomes clogged with debris. Electric Submersible Pumps are by far the most popular type of electric Bilge Pumps, submersibles give very high outputs, are cost effective, have low amp draw and are easy to install. Bilge pumps are designed to exhaust standing water only. They are not intended to prevent rapid accumulation of on-board water due to rough weather, hull damage, and/or other unsafe navigational conditions.


  • All-in-one pump & switch – No float switch required
  • Pump turns on when water level rises & shuts off when water is removed
  • Water cooled motors for long life, with anti airlock design and moisture tight seals.
  • Output: Up to 1100gallons/hour, Max. recommended discharge head 5.0m.
  • Heavy duty motors with stainless steel shafts and tough thermoplastic bodies.
  • Includes comprehensive user manual with installation instructions and wiring diagram
  • Snap-off strainer for easy cleaning
  • Connections: For 29mm (1-1/8″) bore hose.
  • Totally submersible and ignition protected.
  • Compact pump for smaller vessels.
  • Tough plastic body.
  • Limited one year warranty
  • Can be used with switch panel for manual override


Model Volt FLow Current Head Wire                  Outlet Dia               N.W/G.W
HYBP1-G1100-02 12 1100GPH 3.8A 5.0m 100cm 29 mm/ 1-1/8″ 0.47/0.52 kg
HYBP2-G1100-02 24 1100GPH 2.0A 5.0m 100cm 29 mm/ 1-1/8″ 0.47/0.52 kg


Key Description
1 Pump Cover
2 Motor Bracket
3 Motor
4 Motor Oil Seal
5 Wearplate
6 Switch Assembly
7 Pump Housing
8 Impeller
Key Description
9 Impeller Cover
10 Strainer
11 Rotor
12 Round Wearplate
13 Oil Seal
14 Float
15 Knob

                               Shipping Information 

Unit  Weight:      

Unit Size: 16*10*11.5CM
Master Carton Qty: 20pcs
Master Carton Size: 49*33*26.6CM     
Master Carton Weight:   11.2kgs