HY2460-30 Submersible Deep Well Solar Water Pump

A high-efficiency positive-displacement diaphragm submersible solar water pump. The system is designed for off-grid households as a near zero recurring cost replacement for diesel, electric and manual water pumps used for irrigation, livestock and household water supply.

1. For 4″ wells or larger
2.Submersible pump with 100 meter (328 feet) maximum pumping head
2. Quick disconnect with “Watertight-Gland” Design Pat Pend
3. Corrosion-proof housing with stainless-steel fastener
4. Run dry without damage
5. State of the art solid diaphragm
6. Stainless Steel Fastener
7. Pump Design: Positive Displacement 3 Chamber Diaphragm Pump
8. Motor: Permanent Magnet Thermally Protected
9. Wire Length:3M

Additional data:

  • Pump casing material: SS 304
  • Pump diaphragm material: santoprene
  • Pump outlet: 3/4″ female thread
  • Recommended solar panel (PV) input voltage: direct connection: max. 30Voc; battery +charge controller connection: 2 panels in series, each panel 18Voc 21.6Vmp
  • Maximum solar panel (PV) input voltage: 30Voc direct, 60Voc if paired with battery
  • Recommended solar panel input power: 80Wp @ 10m head, 120Wp @ 30m,240Wp @ 90m
  • Recommended minimum battery size: 2 batteries in series, each 20 Amp-Hour 12 Volt
  • Recommended minimum charge controller rating: 20A



   Flow rate  








Packing Size



  ( kgs)

HY1260-30    12    12.0    100         30    5.0 355*130*110 3.3/3.5
HY2460-30    24 12.0    100          30   10.0 355*130*110 3.3/3.5

The controller function:

This controller can be use for 12/24V pump automatic identification,It is designed according to the HY1260-30/2460-30 duty cycle specially.
* Setting the pump working time: work 2.5hours, resting 30 minutes.If work with battery together, the rest time can charge the battery.When the sunshine is not good or at night, the pump can work with the battery automatically.
If you use the pump without battery, you can connect the solar panel wire to the battery button in the controller directly, it also can work in 2.5 hours rest 30 minutes duty cycle