75LPM Marine Yellow Bilge Pumps

SAILINGFLO yellow bilge pump is suitable for all kinds of boat water supply and drainage,even for those who have a dc 12/24V power supply in rural aquaculture for human water supply. Such as water the flowers,poured food, marine boat and irrigation,etc.

1.Large delivery volume,high delivery pressure,aimed the maximum of this class!
2.Continuous running in the water all right!
 Unique motor cooling system enables continuous running.
3.Double mechanical seal system equipped guarantees the complete shaft sealing.
4.Using 304 Stainless,saltwater-proof aluminum alloy, anti shock PBT plastics assure long durability,perfect against saltwater corrosion.
5.Small size, light,compact,easy to handle.
6.Strainer can be quickly removed without tool,makes easy to clean inside.
7.In case using elbow,can fix hose in any directions flexibly without bending hose


 Model HYBL2512S HYBL2524S
Voltage 12V dc 24V dc
 Amps 5.4A 3.8A
Power 0.07HP    (51W)
Flow Rate 70L/min,  4.2m3/h 
Delivery head 4.0m
Water temp. 0-60 degree C.
Duty cycle  Continuous
Speed 5400rpm
Unit Weight 1.1KGS
Standard Accessory 1pc elbow adaptor, 1pc snap joint, 2pcs alligator clips

                                 Shipping Information 

Unit  Weight: 

Unit Size: 140*110*190mm
Master Carton Qty: 10pcs
Master Carton Size: 56*27*20CM     
Master Carton Weight:   11kgs